Phil recently fell down the rabbithole for 12 weeks of anarchic and Olivier Award Nominated theatre with Les Enfants Terrible’s Alice’s Adventures Underground.

‘One of the best theatre experiences you will ever have’ Buzzfeed

Fall deep into the Vaults, hidden beneath Waterloo station and lose yourself in a land far removed from our own.  But this isn’t Alice’s adventure, it’s yours…

Tumble down the rabbit hole and experience Wonderland like never before. Make a series of choices; Eat or drink? Grow or shrink? Take tea at the biggest un-birthday party with the maddest of Hatters; let the Cheshire Cat take you hither or thither or join the underground movement to rise against the fearsome Queen of Hearts. With 4 separate routes to take, each Wonderland adventure is completely unique.

Whatever choice you make, we assure you will have a nonsensical time!


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